What keeps us going?


Love and prayers going out to Oklahoma, Syria, Palestine, the whole of Africa, pretty much all of South America as well. Central America too.

Ummm. Pakistan. Afghanistan. In fact, all of the “stan” countries. Ah what the hell, all of Central Asia. And Southeast Asia. Come to think of it, most of China too. The former USSR. The Balkans. Oh. That would be most of Eastern Europe. Hmmm.

Drought, floods, tornadoes, war, rape, killing, disease, depression and violence everywhere. One wonders what keeps the human race from just pulling the plug.

Oh yeah. Now I remember…



AWR Hope


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Susan Macaulay created and curates SheQuotesMy Alzheimer’s Story,  Amazing Women, and Succeed With Susan. She is a feminist, global citizen, lifelong learner and the author of Everyday Feminine Wisdom and soon-to-be-published “the dogs’ breakfast.”

3 Responses to “What keeps us going?”

    • AmazingSusan says:

      Yep. And Iran. How could I have overlooked The Whole Middle East? #Epic #FAIL

      Basically, the whole world with a few pockets of exception (the little village in which I live being one of them). *sigh*

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