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even in prison there’s space between the bars

    quarantine a short poem by punkie   fearful others choke and smother the right to seek and find


beware the charming king of swords and his evil pair of queens

  a nurse her re rhyme   by punkie   the king is in the parlour, pissed off at his sister the queens are in the pantry finding ways to twist her   like the princess and the pea she is quite contrary the brat, the bitch, the mean old witch, the cursed mary mary […]


inspiration for underdogs: the story of david and goliath revisited

    As an Aquarian, I often find myself on the leading edge of change. I’m an early adopter. I see possibilities where others don’t; I have a never-ending stream of ideas. I sometimes find it hard to understand why others don’t see what to me is as plain as day.


What do Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US NSA whistleblower Edward Snowdon have in common?

    Something fundamentally world changing it would seem. Justin Trudeau is the newly elected Prime Minister of Canada, sworn into office Wednesday, November 4, 2015. Eric Snowden is the US National Security Agency¬†whistleblower who gained notoriety in 2013 for leaking information about the NSA and mass surveillance.