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sleigh ride: reprise

February 2, 2019: It’s a BEAUTIFUL winter day in Mississippi Mills, and, earlier, as I sat with my morning tea, I imagined what it might be like to go on a sleigh ride like one I went on just before Christmas (when it was super icy, and a little scary LOL!).

Today, the snow is falling softy, and there’s LOTS of it, and it feels peaceful and quiet. It’s easy to believe that everything is exactly as it should be. All of that inspired the poem below…


sleigh ride: reprise

© 2019 punkie


sleigh ride: reprise


a little boy nods in

shy assent when you

ask: “Do you want to

steer the sleigh?” and

you put the ends of the

reins that already pass

through your hands

into his


snow falls quiet as

the wind all but disappears

in the shelter of the trees

runners slice and glide

hooves thump on

fresh-cleared trails

devoid of pre-




all is muffled

and white except for

the multi-coloured

cargo dressed in red

and purple mittens,

matching scarves and

toques, down jackets,

winter boots, laughter

and frosty breath


you wear a fur hat and

a lifetime of scars

and everything

is exactly as

it’s meant

to be


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come winter

i am the river

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