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Susan w purple squeegee on headMy name is Susan and this is my personal blog.

I’m a feminist, writer, blogger (I guess that goes without saying…), editor, speaker, PR professional, communications coach, life coach, Canadian resident/global citizen, wannabe geek, humble traveler, sometime rabble-rouser, occasional triathlete, infrequent nude model, and self-proclaimed amazing woman.

I’m passionate about freedom, fun, and pink, as well as for excellence in all types of communications (written and spoken).

Part of my overall purpose in life is to inspire others (especially women) to find their voices and make them heard personally and professionally. New mini- and micro-purposes arise regularly from that, and I pursue various creative ventures as they bubble to the surface of my life.

I lived in the United Arab Emirates for 18 years and love to travel. I returned to Canada in late 2011 to care for my Mom Pinkie Patti, who has Alzheimer’s disease. More about that journey here. At the moment, I’m a global nomad with a “pied a terre” in Quebec’s Eastern Townships.

I created and curate Amazing Women Rock, SheQuotes and My Alzheimer’s Story (my Mom Patti was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2008; more on that story here). I help people with public speaking, writing and editing, and I’m also going a little crazy (in a good way).

You can reach me here: susan@amazingwomenrock.com


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4 thoughts

  • Hi Susan, I love your web site! Am thankful for having met you on Sunday. I just spoke with Geoff Hadrill and he gave me your name. You have my professional coordinates (I gave you my card), but I would like to be on your list as a private individual…
    All the best to you!


  • Hi Patty. I just saw your post on the CBC webpage about the Declining quality of our Old Age and Nursing Homes. Thank you. I think it is time to turn up the heat publicly on that issue in Canada. And this may surprise you but I am a feminist as well but of the gentlemanly type. If our prime minister can be feminist so can we all. I guess I may as well subscribe to your page. I think we can actually agree on more thank a few things in these ever so quickly changing times. I do NOT want …will not go…into one of these jails. Nope. Not. Nada. I haven’t even learnt how to snow bird yet and I am only sixty years old. (not meant as a joke as I have nothing but memories of rocking good times playing in the snow.) :-)) But I am really serious about cranking the heat up on this issue.

  • And I just saw your comment now (July 12, 2018). Oops 🙁

    I agree we need to crank up the heat, and so that’s what I’m doing 🙂


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