lobster claws


lobster claws



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the albatross

Albatross in flight


I’m not sure where this poem came from or exactly what it means, but it emerged and took flight as a result of a prompt in a writing workshop.

So here it is.


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empty pages


woman writing vintage


Awwww, go on then, read the poem…

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home sweet Homs no longer

Photo credit: The Guardian UK

Photo credit: The Guardian UK


Drones are sometimes used for bombing.

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never on sunday or any other day of the week



black sacrament


“Do you believe in God?” He asked.

“No,” I replied without thinking.

Later, I reconsidered.

I feel the existence of some form of higher power, spirit, universal energy/power/force. It’ hard to identify and name.

Whatever it is, it does not belong to Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism or any of the others.  While I believe in angels, I don’t believe in religion.

Those thoughts spawned this poetic rant:
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deal yourself a new hand


Gaming Table with Tonya Beckman Ross

Image credit: Gaming Table with Tonya Beckman Ross


One night I found myself in tears wishing I were somewhere other than where I was.

The next morning I dragged my spirit out of a ditch and told myself to get on with it. I wrote the poem below as part of that process.

Don’t like the cards you’ve been dealt? Deal yourself a new hand.
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the shape of things to come


pregnant woman silhouette painted



A poem about life’s potential and living it.
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a nursery rhyme for violent times




hack and kill

a poem by punkie


Hack and Kill went up the hill

To see whom they might slaughter.

Just for kicks they fired their sticks

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for the sake of childish games


mary had a little blog


I spent a month un-publishing hundreds of blog posts, videos, images, and poems born from my core.

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wreck the halls and fa la la la la for a world gone mad


looking down a double barrel vintage 2


I’m really tired. We’re all really tired.

“We” being the vast majority of people worldwide who are fed up with the violence, torture and killing a small crazy percentage continues to wreak on innocent others using all kinds of weapons large and small.

It’s time it all stopped.

Enough is enough no matter what language you speak, or what God you worship, or not for that matter.

Here’s a little ditty for these festive times (sing to the tune of Deck the Halls): Read More…