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for the sake of childish games


mary had a little blog


I spent a month un-publishing hundreds of blog posts, videos, images, and poems born from my core.

Why? Because a few people who wield a little power fear slivers of the truth I write.

The scores of beautiful pieces I created over a period of seven years were full of joy, love, laughter, caring, compassion, music, humanity, dignity, life, death, struggle, tenderness, tears, fears, courage, determination, pain, suffering, spirituality, intimacy, honesty and more.

They touched and inspired people around the world.

As I destroyed my work and my art, I felt like I was tearing myself to pieces. I wept for hours, and then days. It was heartbreaking.

All for the sake of childish games I have no wish to play.


mary had a little blog

(sung to the tune of “Mary had a little lamb.”)


mary had a little blog, little blog, little blog,

mary had a little blog, its words just had to go


she had only 30 days, 30 days, 30 days,

she had only 30 days to chop and change the flow


no, you may not have your say, have your say, have your say,

no, you may not have your say, it is against the rules


they crushed her in a power-play, power-play, power-play,

they crushed her in a power-play that could not be more cruel


mary had a little blog, little blog, little blog,

mary had a little blog, its words just had to go



On the other hand, there’s hope and natural beauty here.


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  • I know it is of no consolation, but the Buddhists create beautiful sand mandalas for different ceremonies and then after afterwards they deliberately blow them away. Sort of parralels your experience, of course a huge difference is that they know from the beginning that their creations will be destroyed.

    • Yes, my challenge is that I have a desperate, perhaps even compulsive need to be heard; it’s centered in my core.

      It’s one of the themes of my life, and I’m driven by it. It goes back to my childhood. I still remember stamping my right foot and crying out with exasperation to my father: “Listen to me Daddy! Listen to me.”

      I am well aware of this need. I can’t help but be aware of it because it keeps resurfacing. I’m not sure if I will resolve it before the end of this life.

      On the other hand, the result of this deep-seated desire to be heard AND seen, and to fight for be rights of others to be seen and heard is really the foundation of my work as creator and curator of AmazingWomenRock, SheQuotes, and MyAlzheimersStory all of which have inspired, motivated, and given hope in various ways to many people around the world.

      It’s an interesting paradox.

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