5 Steps to Success When Things Seem Impossible

She Bear 1 Inspiration lands in my inbox every day, sometimes in the form of images like the ones in this post.

I have no way of knowing who took the pics, when, or where (despite having searched the Internet for clues).

Though I’ve failed (so far) to find the source of these amazing photographs, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of using them to talk about success.

Here are five tips suggested by this she-bear’s quest for a hard-to-reach snack:

1) Believe You Can Do It


She Bear 1


Erroneous urban legend says bumblebees shouldn’t be able to fly. Likewise, it would seem impossible for a bear to perform an incredible high-wire act to get at a bird feeder strung 25 feet beyond her reach.

The bees always knew they could fly (despite mistaken folklore), but this bear had to do something extraordinary to fill her belly… People (and animals!) regularly do the impossible. So can you.


 2) Hang in There


She Bear 2


You will likely face many obstacles on the road to success.

Your support system may feel a bit thin, the tools at your disposal may not be purpose-built for the job at hand. You may fall or fail along the way.

But getting to a goal can often be achieved through sheer determination and courageous persistence. When the going gets tough, don’t give up. You can do it!


3) Streeeettttccchhh!

She Bear 3


We all need to grow and develop.

If we don’t, we get bored and cranky like a big ole’ bear coming out of a long winter’s sleep.

Sure, it’s important to recoup, regroup and restore, but smack in the middle of a mission is not the time to hibernate. No ma’am!

You’ve got a great set of skills and talents: take them to the max, stick your nose out beyond where it’s been before. Reach for what you want, EXTEND!


4) Hold On Tight

She Bear 4


When you get there, grab the goal for yourself, hang on tight and don’t let go.

You deserve it. You took a risk, worked hard, and put yourself on the line – literally! It’s time to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Wrap yourself around your success and savour every bit of it.


5) Do It Again

She Bear 5


We don’t know what happened to this mama bear once she had her fill from the feeder. My guess is she went out in search of more (a little bit of bird food wouldn’t sustain her for long).

Armed with what she learned, she would be better equipped to achieve similar successes in the future. Having taken a risk, perhaps she would be more likely to take another…

We can do the same. If a she can do it, we can do it too….

So. Ummm. Go for it! The impossible may be more possible than you think.


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