15 Empowering Things to Tell Your Kids (and Yourself)

AWR say I love u a lotIn the summer of 2012, I was cracking up (not in a good way). I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. So I did both. Often. And intensely.

I had been caring for my then 83-year-old mother with insufficient support for about eight months, and I was about to lose the plot, cash in my chips, throw in the towel, give up the ghost.

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6 Powerful Ways to Make Your Life More Beautiful

AWR Make YOU first loveThis little gift from me to you is based on a message from my Mom, originally published here with great love, and renewed, reviewed and re-energized today for all of us. Enjoy!

1) Make YOU your first love

I know, I know, this can be a tough one, especially since we are all imperfect, and we are often taught that we should strive to be flawless. The fact is, perfection, like fitting in, is vastly overrated.

Remember the story of the cracked pot? Love yourself because of your imperfections, not despite them. Make peace with who you are and where you are today, don’t wait for who you will be once you “fix” yourself.

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7 great reasons to drink red wine


This little gem of an infographic made my day, week, month and year. Had to share. Thanks to for the information :)


wine benefits

i fell off my bike


Naked woman on tricycleFirst cycle of the season = first fall of the season.

Yep, fell over in middle of road  in the midst of changing gears.

It may have been a derailer issue, or perhaps it was the fact that I couldn’t get my feet detached from the pedals quickly enough.

Anyway, I lay there for a bit to make sure I wasn’t dead.

I wasn’t.

Only slightly battered and bruised.

I was reminded of life. And was grateful to still be living it.

Got up. Dusted self off.

Checked for potential injuries. Found none of consequence.

Put the chain back on where it was supposed to be (learned that handy trick last year). Wiped eye with greasy fingers and smeared black crap all over face.

Got back on bike. Kept going. No other choice.

Equally worth remembering are: the delicious smell of lilacs, the rush of white water, crab apple trees in blossom, and a lone fly fisherman in the river.

Stay tuned…

P.S. it was a bike not a trike and I wasn’t naked, though I will be in the future and you can stay tune for that too 😛

the paradox of chaos


Black hole of chaos w pink rays

The black hole of chaos with pink rays by Yang MingQi

“Paradox is the very core of the universe,” I wrote, having spent a good chunk of the last decade contemplating exactly that.

I keep running headlong into seemingly diametrically opposed ideas, facts, truths and the like existing in the same time and space and being equally valid. Impossible, but true.

Paradox fascinates me.

“I would prefer chaos to paradox, however, just semantics (grok)?” He emailed back.


“Chaos and paradox the same? Not really,” I thought to myself, and then decided to investigate further.

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how many men does it take to change a light bulb?



And a drone to capture it.


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15 pics of a snowy spring morning


Just when you think it’s going to be spring – oops! It’s winter again.

When you wake up to a morning full of snow, it’s great to strap on your “shoes” and take advantage of the beauty.

That’s what my friend Sue and I did on this mid-March day.


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look up and find poetry


Moon eclipse croppedA long-time friend is going through a rough patch.

She had some unique and extremely challenging obstacles to overcome this week.

“I’ll send you positive vibes,” I said when we talked on Monday.

“Just look up,” she said. “And tell me what you see.”

So I did.

This poem is dedicated to her.
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fight for your own creativity


I love this.


20 pics of my glass and crystal Christmas tree


 Canada goose

Canada goose

My love of Christmas and Christmas tree decorations is decades old.

For about 10 years from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s, I sewed my own soft decorations and mailed them in Christmas cards to friends and family. There were stars and snowmen, candy canes and canaries.

At some point I stopped making decorations for everybody else and began collecting unique pieces for myself.

When I moved to The United Arab Emirates with my then husband in 1993, I began dolling up my non-traditional overseas trees with Swarovski crystal. Read More…

40 footloose dance scenes oh yes dance

40 stunning photographs of fall colours in eastern Canada


IMG_8487Every season has its own beauty.

But autumn in eastern Canada is often SO breathtaking it’s easy to forget that spring, summer and winter even exist!

Mother Nature outdid herself in 2014 with a cornucopia of brilliant colour.

It’s virtually impossible to capture how remarkable the countryside is, even with the best camera and professional skills.

Still, one must try.

I took all of these images myself with my iPhone 4 over the last few weeks. None has been retouched or altered in any way. They’re all “au naturel” as it were…


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