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Last 10 days in May fabulous food list

Grapefruit strawberry shakeI love things that are fast, easy, no mess, no fuss, tasty, and healthy. So I know I’m going to love the next 10 days. Yummy!

I’m really looking forward to being super conscious about my body and how it feels, as well as experimenting with a different way of preparing and eating my favourite foods (mostly fruit & veg).

Besides the things I said I would and would not do in Susan’s Last 10 Days in May Magic Bullet Muffin & Fat Back Buster UnDiet & Weight Release Thing, I will also:

  1. avoid bread and wheat
  2. avoid red meat (that should be easy as I haven’t eaten any about eight years)
  3. reduce my alcohol intake (may be more challenging than 2) above)
  4. eat only when I’m hungry (piece of cake! Uhhh, wait, probably no cake)
  5. eat smaller portions (on smaller plates)
  6. eat less chocolate (I normally have four to six squares of 70% chocolate every day)
  7. get on my bike, besides walking every day

Today I bought a whole bunch of good stuff at the grocery store:

  • strawberries (gotta’ love fruit in season :-))
  • bananas
  • a whole fresh pineapple
  • ruby red grapefruit
  • grapes
  • apples
  • pomegranates
  • almond milk (unsweetened)
  • soya milk (also unsweetened)
  • yogurt (not low fat, I don’t buy anything low fat)
  • orange juice
  • grapefruit juice
  • cranberry juice
  • broccoli
  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • red peppers, yellow peppers
  • celery
  • olives
  • chicken stock cubes (premium brand, cheaper ones are SO salty!)
  • garlic

I already had on hand:

If you are eating well along with me, I don’t think it matters what fruit or veg you use, just as long as you like it and it’s fresh. Local is probably best overall if you can get it.

I confess I got a bit of a head start (I couldn’t wait to try out the Magic Bullet), and I’m loving what I’m eating and how I feel.

Day 1 of 10 officially starts tomorrow 🙂