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Anger Management

Ever feel so angry you want to destroy some/thing/one/place?

I do.

It’s rare. But it happens. I respond to injustice with that level of anger.

I am incensed when someone/somemany with power takes advantage, uses, even crushes or kills someone/somemany who is/are vulnerable, just because they can.

Because it feeds them in some perverted way.

Or because they must (at all costs) maintain control. Or because they are poisoned with pride, or lust, or greed, or whatever other sickness has invaded their heart(s) and sucked every ounce of understanding and compassion out of it/them.

They are afraid. They are terrified.

Evil sniffs out the fear and terror, then slithers into the cracks. The cracks become infected. The infection spreads. Soon, evil is embodied. Heart, soul, and mind wither and rot. The parasite destroys the host. Goodness retreats like a tide, and forgets to rise again.

When I witness such evil, when I am on the receiving end of it, or see someone/somemany who is/are, anger swells like a tsunami within me. I too, risk becoming infected.

Deliverance lies in harnessing the angry tidal wave of energy without drowning in its dangerous undertow.