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the farmer and the fox


the farmer and the fox


the farmer and the fox


“when do you sleep, fox?”
the farmer yawns through a smile,
“you’re up at all hours,
and you rarely seem tired.”

“Never!” the fox l-o-ls her reply
“life is short,
lists are long,
I don’t have the time!”

the farmer works hard
the chores never end
but he loves what he does
and his life’s a godsend

the fox is a vixen,
which may partly explain,
why she plays as she writes
in the sun and the rain

the farmer is staid
in selfies and pictures,
his humour is quirky,
he’s guided by scriptures

he is big, he is strong,
his hands are like hams,
his chief joy in life
is being one with the land

the vixen in contrast
is small, quick and nimble,
her knowledge of farming
could be fit in a thimble

she’s wild and unleashed,
a rebel tenacious
when the farmer describes her,
he says “she’s vivacious”

the vixen lives solo
in a den by the wood
the farmer has family
and all of that’s good

why they met in this life
to them is a mystery,
which may be resolved
in some future history

one thing is certain
it wasn’t by chance
nor is their purpose
confined to romance

their connection is deep
it runs like a river
through gorges and plains
when the moon’s but a sliver

is it young? is it ancient?
the truth’s hard to reckon
as two hearts heed a call
while the universe beckons



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