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is it possible to be too helpful?

Absolutely! Being too helpful, or giving unsolicited advice can become bad habits if one isn’t careful.

I regularly practice NOT giving unsolicited advice because I HATE being on the receiving end of it. But sometimes my creativity causes me forget my own rules, and I get carried away in the moment.

This little poem is a gentle reminder to self.

too helpful

© 2019 punkie


too helpful


when I cheer day after day, i tire of rah rah
it sucks the joy right out of me, as did my papa

but I can’t seem to help myself from helping someone else
who’s down and out, or on the floor, or been hit below the belt.

“you need a hand with something grand? oh let me volunteer
to take the money at the door, or a sub-committee steer!”

ideas? i’ve got them by the dozen, they’re coming out my ears,
and i can’t wait to share them, with others far and near

the problem with this helping game is sometimes I resent
of having given all i had to end up feeling spent

and woe is me my own stuff sits in ever higher piles
waiting for attention, in multiplying files

and when the good advice i give is mostly just ignored
the only thing I want to do is walk straight out the door

the end result is bad, oh yes, i get bitter and then twisted
none of which would have occurred if I had not assisted

i know it’s no one’s fault but mine, but i can’t seem to stop
i think i need another me to help me close up shop!


© 2019 Susan Macaulay . I invite you to share my poetry and posts widely, but please do not reprint, reblog or copy and paste them in their entirety without my permission. Thank you.

a little piece of nice advice

please don’t


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