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it’s all about me

Self awareness is a lifelong journey, and I constantly learn new things about me. I also relearn stuff I already knew. Life, being a relentless task master, sends me reminders of aspects I sometimes forget.

I’ve learned that feeling angry or hurt is a signal that I need to take a closer look at what I’m doing and how I’m behaving, and make adjustments to avert going down paths I would rather not tread. I want to move forward by avoiding old patterns I know from experience don’t work. It’s never easy, but always worth it.

it’s all about me

© 2019 punkie



it’s all about me

i hope you can see
it’s all about me
my flaws and my defects
and their subsequent effects

each one has been practiced
by a second-rate actress
who lives at my core
behind several locked doors

she only comes out
when my head fills with doubt
and asks crazy questions
while eschewing suggestions

of what might be better
a card or a letter
to deliver the news
of my loosening screws

what will happen tomorrow?
amidst joy and sorrow?
will love sing again?
or dissolve in the rain?

the queries keep coming
as i’m to-ing and from-ing
then i stumble and fall
trying to answer them all

multiple needs
cause me to bleed
all over the place
that once was my space

it now only holds
the lies I’ve been told
the truth having vanished
or perhaps it was banished

it’s all about me
and i wish i could see
a way through the mess
to the source where i’m blessed

with a path that is clear
a heart without fear
life skills that are known
and a mind that’s not blown!



even in prison there’s space between the bars

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