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This is a challenging time for just about everyone I know, including myself. Both the whole big world, and my own smaller world, seem to have been turned inside out and upside down. I feel shaky and ill-equipped to keep moving forward on a personal level, and as a member of my community. This poem is about that.


©2020 pookie



confusion, delusion,
things are unreal
the tape on the boxes
has begun to unpeel

buttons are popping
balls of string are unwound
all is unsteady
all is lost and unfound

there are cracks in the walls
tiny bugs in the air
birds flying backwards
seems nobody cares

clocks keep on ticking
but time doesn’t pass
sleep is elusive
nighttime is vast

things you believed
were solid as rock
become ripples in water –
a quake’s aftershock

the sun shines at night
the moon rises at dawn
the world is in chaos
nothing is calm

there’s no way around it
so on one must go
through madness and mayhem
with one’s spirit in tow


© 2020 Susan Macaulay. I invite you to share my poetry and posts widely, but please do not reprint, reblog or copy and paste them in their entirety without my permission. Thank you.

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