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Something about me?

Let’s see. I’m a renaissance woman who writes on a wide range of topics (check out the category list) in a variety of styles from feminist funk and fanciful fluff to serious self-exploration and writerly reflection.

I pen creative non-fiction, as well as what might be called “traditional” op/ed blog pieces. I recently bumped into poetry and am now discovering how badly I can mangle it. I’m also in the process of writing a play, as well as a book, about my experiences caring for my 85-year-old Mom, Pinkie Patti; she has Alzheimer’s disease.

A few final thoughts on CrackerJacks the blog: It may stick in your craw and/or make you think, feel, or do something. It may be a nice light snack when you fancy something sweet, salty, or nutty.

Like Cracker Jack the popcorn treat (which contains a prize in every box), CrackerJacks the blog, harbours a “prize” in every post.

(BTW, I love popcorn, don’t you? I’m a big fan of Orville Redenbacher’s microwavable plain. Add a dash, just a dash mind you, of salt, and a teaspoon of butter if you’re skinny jeans still fit, and voila! the perfect accompaniment for a glass of champagne. Come to think of it, champagne goes with just about everything doesn’t it…).

Prizes vary in value from virtual pennies to priceless awakenings. What you get out of CrackerJacks depends on you. Every post you choose to read contains hidden treasure for you and only you, but it’s up to you to find it.

There’s a whole universe of possibilities for you to unearth. No purchase necessary, no forms to fill out, no SASE to send. All you have to do is subscribe and CrackerJacks will show up in your inbox and/or reader.

I’ll bring the popcorn, toothpicks, and champagne. You bring the floss. Woot! Let’s go a little crazy…

Susan 😉

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