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I sprained my left ankle walking down the street in a pre-ride stroll about a month ago and I couldn’t ride for two and a half weeks.

It seemed like an eternity.

Thankfully, I was sufficiently healed to get back in the saddle on the eighteenth day after falling off the asphalt cliff on Brookdale Street. I rode for six consecutive days before the heat wave hit.

The upper 30 C temperatures, which feel more like mid-40 C with the humidity, have proven to be both a blessing and a curse – a curse because I can’t ride and a blessing because I can’t ride. The respite is allowing my ankle, which had begun to feel quite sore, to re-heal. Whether the pain is due to too much time on the bike, too much walking, not enough stretches or something else is unknown. Whatever the cause, the result has been more hurting and hobbling.

On the plus side, being confined to the sofa allowed me to catch up on doing things I don’t have time for when I’m on the road – like editing videos and writing blog posts about being on the road LOL 😛

The pair below are from June 16 (top) and June 14 (bottom) respectively, when I was out and about taking pics of country stores for a Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers (Chapter 011) photo challenge and gathering @RidetheHighlands patches for my gear. I enjoyed the abundance of spring flowers, took a bunch of photos, rode part of the time with my friend James and made new friends at some of the stops – particularly in Ashton and Denbigh (more about them in the future).

Here are the vids and route maps of the loops:



Click here for the June 16 Flowers, Photos & Friends loop Google maps link.




Click here for June 14 CMC General Store loop Google maps link.


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