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what if?


This poem was generated by a writing group prompt asking us to imagine improbable “what if?”s.

This poem is about that.

what if?


what if?

what if cats killed with their stares?
what if no one shared or cared?

what if birds flew upside down?
or flying fish were prone to drown?

what if beggars could be choosers?
would they be winners? or sadly, losers?

what if horses could be made to drink
when led up to a kitchen sink?

what if the moon got lost one night?
or if the sun stop shining bright?

what if christmas were in summer?
would that stop the boyhood drummer?

what if people loved their neighbors,
and everyone did endless favors?

what if black looked more like white?
would that prevent whole whacks of fights?

what if no one minted money?
and so we paid with milk and honey?

what if winter turned to spring?
oh wait, that truly is a thing!

what if stories had no morals?
could heroes rest upon their laurels?

what if wrongs were made all right?
would the meek be filled with might?

what if love were everywhere?
on the roof, and down the stairs?

what if humans never lied,
and to the truth instead were tied?

what if death were really life?
would tears be banished along with strife?

what if beauty were beneath our skin?
would we seek ourselves within?

what if peace lived down the block?
would waging war come to a stop?

what if life were everlasting?
there’d be no need for sin or fasting.

what if we were free from pain,
and every touch was gentle rain?

what if I could end this poem,
then fold it up and take it home?


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