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i know my own truth


People troll my sites, my posts, and my life in waves.

Unbelievably, some of them think they have the right to judge me (and others) based on a few online comments, brief convos or out-of-context observations.

They (and you) may make such judgements if you like.

But I can guarantee your judgements will miss the mark because you don’t know who I am in this moment, you don’t know where I came from and what I value, you don’t know what I stand for or what I believe in, you have no idea how I live my life, what I fight for every day, where I came from, why I behave as I do, how I make decisions, what my dreams are, what my fears are, who I have loved and why, and why I am still here despite all of it.

This poem is about that.

i know my own truth

©2020 punkie

i know my own truth

you don’t know me to judge me
no matter how much you search
through my poems and my posts
like they’re some kind of church

you can’t find the answers
to the choices I’ve made
between my stories and others’
and the lies they have laid

my truth is my truth
no matter what you might think
because you’re not me,
you haven’t stood on the brink

of the cliff or the canyon
of decisions I’ve taken
the ones that in hindsight
perhaps were mistaken

but I took them, I made them,
i jumped off that cliff
did the best that I could
in a storm with a skiff

full of sorrow and love
of which you know naught
trying to find answers
in life’s twisted plot

i know the me that is me
i am strong and I’m true
i may stumble and fall
but I’ll give life its due

go ahead, keep on looking
i don’t give a damn
i don’t need your approval
no sir and no ma’am!


© 2020 Susan Macaulay. I invite you to share my poetry and posts widely, but please do not reprint, reblog or copy and paste them in their entirety without my permission. Thank you.

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