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raven o’clock

I was immediately captivated by Paul Haining’s early morning image of a raven on the rooftop beside the clock tower in Almonte.

And I loved the title he gave it: raven o’clock. It wasn’t long before a poem of the same name surfaced.

This is about that.

raven o’clock
© 2021 punkie


raven o’clock

a raven sits watch
just before six o’clock
hopes for a pigeon
even better: a flock!

were it not for the clouds
the sky might’ve been red
while most folks in town
are still in their beds

tick tock passes time
round and round it will go
marked by circling hands
as it ebbs and it flows

the past and the present
of a sudden are one
as the raven awaits
the rise of the sun

i look up from the street
at bird and tower above
and whisper a prayer
for health, peace and love


© 2021 Susan Macaulay. I invite you to share my poetry and posts widely, but please do not reprint, reblog or copy and paste them in their entirety without my permission. Thank you.

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