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Today is the last day of National Poetry Month 2021 in Canada.

Today this poem wrote itself to light and hope through snow, tears and fears.

Merci Johanne Ravenda pour la belle photo <3

© 2021 punkie


today I cry for my broken heart
the one that beats in fits and starts

the one that longs for better times
for hours filled with nursery rhymes

today I mourn the epic fail
of thinking life’s a fairytale

of wasting days with hot, wet tears
of caving in to fleeting fears

today I wish to see the light
to choose the hope that’s still in sight

to hold on to the strength inside
even when dark stars collide

today will end like every other
and so become tomorrow’s mother

holding space for sadness past
creating room for joy at last


© 2021 Susan Macaulay. I invite you to share my poetry and posts widely, but please do not reprint, reblog or copy and paste them in their entirety without my permission. Thank you.

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