One Step at a Time

The vision behind amazingwomenrock.com is simple: to change the world.

Yep, you're right – it sounds a little ambitious. Maybe it's even crazy. But I believe anything is possible. We are powerful, especially collectively. Together we can make amazing things happen.

The underlying belief behind the site is equally simple: our lives, no matter how "ordinary," impact those of others in deeply meaningful ways, whether we know it or not.

So, sharing our experience has the potential to inspire others (and in the process, ourselves), to achieve greatness.

This is a place to share experience. To inspire and to be inspired. And it's happening: one step at time, one woman at a time.

Amazingwomenrock.com went live online in April 2008, during which we had 21 visitors (mostly the two developers and myself, using different email addresses to test functionality); we opened 384 pages.

In May, 96 visitors from 15 countries looked at 1,454 pages.

In June, 204 visitors from 25 countries browsed 3,607 pages.

In July, 532 visitors from 45 countries went through 5,334 pages.

So far, during the first eight days of August, 257 visitors have checked out 2,411 pages.

On August 6, 2008, amazingwomenrock.com had the most daily traffic yet: 65 unique visitors (from nine countries), came to the site a total of 90 times and saw 605 pages.

Also on August 6, I logged into facebook to find a message from Mark Zuckerberg. It said the facebook “movement” is 90 million strong. Ninety million ?!

At first I felt discouraged – what are several hundred visitors compared to millions? But then I thought, wait a minute, four years ago facebook didn’t even exist. Imagine the potential for AWR…

While telling all this to my Mom, I was bemoaning the fact that, although amazingwomenrock.com is getting more and more visitors, few are registering on the site.

Mom doesn’t really "get" the internet. But she was once a successful real estate agent and she knows how to sell. “What benefit do people get from joining?” she asked.

Good question.

There’s a list on the home page that says what you can DO once you register.

But the real benefit is how you FEEL when you inspire others or when you yourself are inspired. The feeling can't be explained or captured in a list.

It’s a wonderful feeling. The kind that can change the world. One step at a time.