Send Money for Ads or Sign a Petition for Peace

Peace lobbyists Avaaz say this today:

We won a small
victory on Gaza last night — the Security Council joined global calls
for an immediate ceasefire — but outrageously, Bush’s US
administration did not vote for the UN resolution and its loopholes
leave the bloodshed worsening by the hour, with neither Israel nor
Hamas yet recognising this call as binding.* Latest reports say 257
children lie dead.

Action, not words is needed now. We’re stepping up our efforts by launching a major media campaign for immediate action on a fair and lasting ceasefire — starting in influential US papers, where a decent voice for peace is urgently needed, with a big ad in the Washington Post — the Post ad costs $32,057, so if just 1000 of us donate $32 (€24) each, we can fund it together and if we raise more, we can expand the effort. It’s amazing how some of the most sensible arguments and basic facts about this crisis are not carried by US media. Follow the link below now to view the ad, and let’s chip in together to take our global outcry for peace into the US so that the ceasefire pressure becomes unanimous and irresistible:


To sign the petition click here.

To read more information on the AWR blog click here.