Fukiko Makes Me Beautiful in a Kimono

One of the hightlights of my November 2008 trip to Japan (read more here), was to experience being dressed in a stunningly beautiful silk kimono that belongs to my hostess (and now friend) Fukiko Teramachi, who owns and runs the serene Japanese guesthouse in which I stayed while I was there.

The whole process took about an hour, during which the two of us, from completely different cultures and upbringings, laughed like little girls… It was so much fun. Thank you Fukiko, for this wonderful memory.

You can hear the abbreviated 30-minute audio story of the dressing process by clicking on the play bar. If you don’t see the photographs, click the continue button.



The Kimono and all the bits and pieces associated with it are wrapped in rice paper and stored in a special cupboard.


There are several layers: the undergarments, followed by the juvan
(don’t count on the spelling OR even the word itself), then the kimono
itself, which is tied with several silken scarves.


In Japan, the back of the neck is the sexiest part of a woman’s body.


This is the beautiful red juvan, decorated with teeny little tie-dyed circles that together create intricate patterns.

The shoes didn’t fit – even on my tiny feet – check out the pink socks!


The kimono has a beautiful red border on the inside. The back is simply stunning.



obi_finished_tatami_small.jpgTrying my best to look ladylike and stand properly.
Even if it means being pigeon-toed!

Feeling exceptionally feminine, mysterious and gorgeous:) WOW!


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