A Prayer For You

I get lots of inspirational emails, many of which I share with visitors (like you!) to AWR (mostly I put them under in the Food for Thought section, sometimes I use them in Amazing Quotes).

Today I got one from Jennifer, a special friend, teammate and AWR community member. The email asked me to forward a prayer to 12 women friends who have touched my life.

It suggested choosing the women based on the fact that if they “were ever to be in a room together, there is nothing that would be impossible.”

I felt wonderful to have been included on Jennifer’s list.

The prayer, which is attributed to St-Theresa, is one with which I’m quite familiar. In fact, shortly after my ex-husband and I separated four years ago, I stuck it on the mirror in my bathroom, and read it quietly to myself every morning.

It helped me to get through many times when I felt like giving up instead of going on.

Just before Valentine’s Day, I posted the prayer on AWR. When I sent out my weekly Amazing Quotes email, I included a link to it as a Valentine’s wish to everyone on my mailing list.

Today, instead of forwarding the prayer to 12 women, I decided to offer it to you.

You may or may not have touched my life in a personal way, but by visiting this website and reading the words in this blog, you and I and Jennifer and the other women on her list are connected in some cosmic way for some reason we may one day know (or not lol!).

We don’t have to be in the same room to achieve what some people think is impossible. We don’t have to be in the same city, in the same country or even on the same continent to be part of a group, a circle or a community that can make the impossible possible.

Just being connected as human beings (women, men and children), makes us more powerful, individually and as part of the community of humankind.

The prayer starts with this wonderful wish: “May today you have peace within…”

My prayer for you is that you do indeed have peace within on this day, just as I hope to 🙂