The Dog’s Meow

picture_2.jpgBritain’s Got Talent continues to be full of surprises even after it seemed unlikely that anyone could top Susan Boyle’s amazing performance of last month.

The latest contestant to astound the judges is a young Welsh wanna-be-singer-but-currently-working-as-a-waiter by the name of Greg Pritchard. (Amanda Holden’s face really says it all lol)

One does begin to wonder at the formulaic, cookie-cutter similarity of these "astonishing" BGT videos. And the fact that embedding from YouTube "has been disabled by request," seems to be a bit self-serving from the side of the side of the organisers and promoters.

picture_3.jpgHowever, that doesn’t take away from the obvious talent of the amateur performers.

In this case, that of 24-year-old denim-clad Greg Pritchard, who, sporting a funky hairstyle and looking every bit the rock-star everyone assumed he wanted to become, took to the stage, opened his mouth, and… well… click here to see for yourself why it can be dangerous to judge a book by it’s cover.

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