Hooray For People Who Dance in Random Places

So you thought that my suggestion to stop worldwide recession and start worldwide dance was silly huh?

Gotcha’!! I’m not the only crazy dance fanatic on this planet.

According to an article in my "hometown" newspaper the Calgary Herald:

Collin Wynter (is) an Internet sensation known around the World Wide Web as The Dancing Man.

The 28-year-old Calgarian, who works as a server at Ming on 17th Avenue S.W., found himself in the heat of the latest YouTube craze Tuesday, when video of him bursting into dance a couple of weeks ago at the Sasquatch Festival at the Gorge in Washington state exploded around the web.

The video showed Wynter doing what a lot of people do at music festivals: as musician Santigold played a song called Unstoppable, he stood up, alone and shirtless, and started to boogie.

Someone captured Colin and friends in action:

So you see? People everywhere are catching on to the craze…. Dance, dance, dance !!!!!!!!!

Here are some of the YouTube comments:

Dancing Man makes me happy on a gloomy day in San Francisco. I’m going outside to do a cartwheel.

You may think he dances like an idiot. And you might be right. But don’t you dare doubt his power of attraction. He’s a one man dance party.

Dancing Guy is a Random Hero.

made me smile ear to ear! great video.

Hooray for the Power of One!

Dance like no one’s watching!

Hooray for people who dance in random places

Awesome. Give credit to the few guys that went up to dance with him first, even if it seems like it was just for a laugh. Shows that most people are followers and not leaders though.

this reminds me of Forest Gump when he starts running and everyone starts following him, lol. rock on man…rock on

That is awesome!

He was sooo inspirational! i CANT stop smiling. after it got really crowded i saw him stumble out of the crowd and move uphill. what a man.

HEY!! I’ve got an idea.

Why not start your own dance phenomenon? Once it’s really moving and has its own momentum, stumble out of the crowd, move on up the hill, and start another one.

Easy: Stop worldwide recession. Start worldwide dance.

Clearly, as Colin demonstrates, you don’t have to be a "good" dancer to get the ball rolling.

You just gotta’ be willing to let go 🙂

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