My Name Is Susan. And I Am Canadian.

maple_leaf.jpgA fellow Canadian reminded me this morning that today, July 1, is Canada Day.

Living here in Dubai, where it’s 45 Celsius and God-knows-how-humid at the moment, I guess I could be forgiven for forgetting my country’s 142nd birthday.

Truth be told, I often don’t keep track of what day of the week it is, let alone what DATE. I probably should have remembered yesterday as I blogged about Canadian politics and how my country, relatively stable though it is, came close to being torn apart on several occasions over the past 30 years.

While this national day may have slipped my mind, I will surely always remember with pride the beautiful place that is my native land.

Here are some of the things I love most about Canada (in no particular order):

snow, cold, the four seasons, maple trees, maple leaves, maple syrup, the Rocky Mountains, the foothills, Chinook winds, the Eastern Townships, hockey, lakes, forests, prairies, beaches, rivers, creeks, streams, the smell of the earth, the smell of the sea, the smell of the mountains, hiking, walking, golfing, music, Calgary, Georgeville, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Victoria, Tofino, Canmore, Ottawa (and all the places in between those places), country roads, safe city streets, thunderstorms, lobster, salmon, fiddleheads, peace, freedom, security, universal health care, access to education, loonies and toonies, almost equal rights for women, manners, respect, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, the Cabot Trail, family, friends, and of course the cultural mosaic comprising all Canadians and their amazing diversity.

A few years ago, one of the major Canadian breweries aired an advertising campaign around the theme “I am Canadian.” The campaign included a character named Joe, a catchy anthem and a series of ads that “took the mickey” out of being Canadian.

Here are: one of the ads, the campaign song and a spoof by actor William Shatner, who really is, by the way, Canadian.


I am Canadian TV Commercial

I Am Canadian “Anthem”

I Am Canadian TV ad “Spoof” by William Shatner


Happy Birthday to Canada, and to Canadians around the world, wherever you are 🙂