My Mom Thinks It’s Unfair. What Do You Think?

mom_the_revolutionary.jpgMy Mom is an amazing woman.

She’s feisty, fiery and passionate about what she believes in.

Her clear belief in what’s right and wrong have served her in good stead over the last 80+ years.

I know – I’ve seen her oppose many things she believed were wrong. AND I’ve personally been on the south side of her wrath on several occasions! It’s not a happy place to be ☺

She’s rallied people around her, and got them to help her make an impact on important issues such as the environment and healthcare, because she knows you can’t fight back on your own.

There’s strength in numbers, she learned that in the early days. As a result, she’s won some hard fought battles.

So when it comes to going up against a Goliath, she knows what she’s talking about…

She knows it takes strength and conviction to stand up and fight for what you believe in. It may even take a revolution. But in the end, if you have enough determination, you will prevail.

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