Don’t Send A Man To The Grocery Store (And If You Do, Check Your List Twice)

jeanne_robertsson3.jpgWhen you’re not from the southern United States, for some reason there’s something inherently funny (not to mention charming!), about a Southern drawl – and  amazing comedienne Jeanne Robertson makes the most of that something.

What’s more, she’s tall (6 foot 2 inches or 188 cm depending on how you measure things), she’s gorgeous, she’s warm, engaging, clever and gracious. An amazing woman after my own heart.

Even better? She’s got hair just like mine! Same cut, same colour, same “au naturel.” Seems we were destined to meet one day. If not in person, then surely online…

Robertson is a professional speaker who specializes in humour based on her own life experiences. She speaks to thousands of people annually, using her incomparable style to show that a sense of ha ha is no laughing matter – it’s a strategy for success.

Robertson is funny. Yes. She also knows that her talents go beyond mere humour.

Her message is that a sense of fun is an attitude, an approach to working with people. She believes this kind of outlook can be developed and improved, and she shows audiences how to do so while captivating them with funny, original stories and heartwarming stories.

What a woman. What a gift.

See for yourself: