Salmon In Snowshoes: Frosty Canadian Cuisine Is Heaven On Earth

As Dubai and Dubai-ens basked in the afterglow of the fantastic, and no-doubt-soon-to-be-infamous-for-their-sheer-over-the-top-splendour fireworks that marked the opening of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, this cool Canadian and her octagenarian mother dined on much more humble, but equally unforgettable fare: winter-barbecued fresh Atlantic salmon, steamed broccoli al dente, and small, lightly salted, yet at once succulently sweet, red potatos smothered in butter.

It was truly a meal to die for, accompanied as it was with a fine Chilean fume blanc.


The joy of searing the delicate pink poisson while the frosty air kissed my cheek was surpassed only moments later by the ecstacy of consuming it by the crackling wood-burning fireplace in the den. 

And yes, there was something to be said for the adventure of digging the barbecue out of hibernation in my recently acquired snowshoes, which, by the way, I’ve grown to adore in just a few days of cross-country trekking.

 Who said there’s no such thing as heaven on earth?

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Dedicated to my favourite foodie @naseemfaqihi with a big #PINK muah!