Twelve (Plus Two) Twanswers 2 Twitter & Twitterati Questions

twitter-logo_2.jpg“You’re a Twitter personality,” Alice Haine said.

“Me?” I replied, laughing. “You must be joking!”

Twitter user. Twitter novice. Twitter bumbling idiot perhaps.

But Twitter “personality”? Uh. No. I think not.

Nevertheless, freelance journalist Haine (aka @FreelanceDubai), convinced me (surely vanity just missed out on being one of the seven deadly sins), to have a half hour chat with her.

She would use the information, she said, for an upcoming article she was writing (and I guess by now must have written), on UAE “Twitterati” for The National, an Abu Dhabi-based daily newspaper. Fame and fortune are soon to be mine. (Or not, most probably lol).

The other “personalities” with whom I am destined to share the limelight are considerably more worthy than I expect ever to be.

Da Featured "Twitterati"

A little birdie told me they include:

I await the article with bated breath, curious to know how I will fare in the midst of such august company….

In the meantime, for your listening pleasure, I thought I would share some of my answers to Ms Haine’s questions (I stupidly didn’t record her voice, so the conversation is TOTALLY one-sided, but hopefully you’ll get the gist anyway…).

Da Questions

The 12 questions were versions of: 1) When did you start using Twitter? 2) Why did you start using Twitter? 3) How do you use Twitter? 4) Why does your Twitter profile say you’re located in Iran? 5) Who do you follow? 6) What kind of people are on Twitter?pink_twitter_bird.jpg 7) How many people do you follow? 8) What’s a tweetup? 9) How old are the "tweeple"? 10) What do you get out of being part of the Twitter community? 11) How else do you benefit from being on Twitter? And 12) Is your Twitter persona da real you?

The two bonus questions were: 12 + 1) What’s #PINK got to do with it? And 12 + 2) what’s the bottom line?

This cool podcast tool makes it easy to listen to the Q & A.

You can 1) scroll and click on the various questions to hear the answers, or 2) click on the < or > buttons to skip back and forth.

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