Tourists Flock There To Float On Their Backs In It

The AWR Facebook page has been on fire with heated debate over who’s
wrong and who’s right in the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict that
came to yet another head last week with deaths aboard a ship whose
stated goal was to bring aid to the blockaded Gaza strip, but whose main
purpose was more likely to break said blockade.

Strong opinions on both sides of the fence, or perhaps I should say
wall, included the following:

THERE IS NO SIEGE ON GAZA! They are still shooting deadly rockets into
Israel as late as two days ago….wake up and get your facts
staraight!!!!! Why don’t you comment on them shooting to kill Israeli
civilians!!!!More than 8,000 rockets in the last two years.

Israel is not an innocent entity. In fact, the anniversary of the USS
Liberty is next week. I won’t mention Rabin’s policy of breaking bones
or the bulldozing of homes. Oh wait, I just did…History is just that.
We don’t need a repeat. It can’t always be tit for tat.

I will not get into the mud with you. Stay ignorant if you like, after
all, ignorance is bliss. I live in a civilized … See morecountry that
does not condone acts of barbarism nor killing innocent civilians. These
were hardly innocent, unarmed civilians…

I am an american married to a Palestinian for 20 yrs. I know exactly
whats going on. Israel never wants to be able to help anyone, but
themselves. These people need aid. MY god when are we going to take the
blinders off & see the truth…

I am so sorry to hear of all the terrible conflict in this region as in
many all over the world, i don’t know who is right and and who is
I think there are hostilities on all sides as there are also people on
both sides working for a peaceful solution.

It’s an emotional topic. People on both sides feel strongly. And it
seems to be a never ending battle. Satirist Jon Stewart of the Dailyshow
skewers the issue in this spot on segment entitled Clusterf#&k to the War House – Korean Peninsula & Middle East: