TED Live? #TED Wow! @TED Yes!!

TED live_logoThere are good deals.  And there are great deals.

Truth be told, most deals (good AND great), have become so commonplace that they’re almost a dime a dozen.

Everywhere you turn there’s someone offering something awesome at some stupidly low price…. sometimes even for free! (This isn’t free, but it’s such awesome value it’s almost as good as free!)

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Whaddaya Know? It’s A Blue Moon.

But once in a blue moon you come across an unbeatable deal, an unbelievable dream deal, a knock-your-socks-off-this-is-SO-amazing-it’s-almost-too-good-to-be-true-and-I-have-to-pinch-myself-to-be-sure-it’s-actually-real deal.

When that happens you know you gotta’ go for it. What’s more, it would be a crime, a sin, a travesty, if you didn’t share it with everyone you know.

TED Live  is one of those it’s-so-unbelievable-I-gotta-share-it deals.


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It’s no secret I’m a die hard TED fan. I’ve got at least a thousand reasons why I love TED (and one teeny tiny one that I don’t… well, actually, it’s not so teeny tiny, but that’s the subject of another post…). When it came to TED, it was pretty much unrequited love at first sight.

Here’s the precis from My TED Story profile on TED.com):

“Watched a TED talk. Fell in love. Became a TED associate. Fell more deeply in love. Attended TED Global 2010. Surrendered completely.”

Susan TEDx_Ajman_on_stagePerfect For TED Newbies (& Oldies Like Me!)

I’ve since attended TED Global 2010 and TED Global 2011, and given my own TEDx talk at TEDxAjman (That’s me on the right rocking the gender parity boat @TEDxAjman. And here’s 1) my rant on TED2012 gender parity, and 2) the TED2012 “Ladies’ Line-Up)

Given all of that, you might think it hardly surprising that I would be wildly excited about TED Live, TED’s latest and imho coolest and most cost-effective way to plug in to the TED experience. And you’d have a point.

BUT, even if I were a TED newbie, in fact, especially if I were a TED newbie, I would have jumped on this offer yesterday if not sooner.

“So tell us the deal already!” (I can hear you across cyberspace.)

In brief:

  • you and nine of your friends can experience two (not one but TWO) TED conferences (i.e. TED and TED Global) via livestream in the comfort of your own space (approximate cost for one person to attend both conferences would be USD 13,500., not including travel and accommodation);
  • get a brand-spanking new iPad Mini (or an Amazon gift certificate);
  • and a one-year free subscription to TED books delivered seamlessly to your new Mini (or wherever), so you can put it to great use immediately.

And There’s More…

As if that isn’t enough, you ALSO get:

  • Online access within three hours to TED conference talks you may have missed while you went to pick up the pizza (get it delivered next time), fed the kids (let them eat cake), or worked (hint: take the entire TED conference week off OR get your company to buy the TED Live Business version so you and your colleagues can get inspired at the office).
  • An invitation to the TED Live community Facebook group so you can hang with other TED Livers from around the globe
  • Live online chat with other TED Livers (which will surely number in the thousands as the TED Live offer reaches avid TEDsters worldwide), during the conference livestreams, as well as personal messaging whenever via TED.com

Here’s the piece de resistance: you get ALL OF IT for only USD 995 🙂


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If your nine viewing friends chip in, that’s only USD 100 / person (I would draw the line at sharing your iPad Mini with the gang, but hey, that’s just me…).

Two TED conferences (that’s eight days worth of amazing TED talks), for USD 100 / person? Where do I sign up!?!? Oops. Wait a minute. I’m already signed up (*sheepish grin*).

I’ve been a TED associate member (the precursor to TED Live, which launched in November 2011), for three years, and I know what great value it is. Now I’m all fired up, to be a TED Live community member.

If you’re not already signed up, quick! Do it now!  TED2013 and TED Global 2013 could happen in your home, workspace or classroom from February 25 – March 1, 2013, and June 10 -14 respectively. Woot!

Say TED Yes! to TED Live. Because a deal like this is just too good to be missed…

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See you there 😉   

P.S. And no, they didn’t pay me to write this post 😛