30 Things For Which I’m Grateful 120323

Mom Susan St PatsMy online friend Holly Helt got me started on gratitude lists a couple of years ago  and I began penning them each and every morning.

Documenting the things for which we are grateful is a super way to stay positive and inspire oneself.

I’ve either become less disciplined or more overwhelmed than I was when I first started the practice, because the documentation of my gratitude has become more sporadic than systematic!

While I may be less likely to write about my gratitude, I’m certainly not any less grateful. I say little prayers of thanks every day, throughout the day for the many joys in my life.

This morning I felt inclined to put fingers to keyboard to celebrate reaching 30,000 Likes on the AWR FB page before March 30. We’re not quite there (yet!), but I’m sure we’re gonna’ reach the target in time.

1. I’m grateful for the stars I saw from my bedroom window in the middle of the night.

2. I’m grateful for the sun streaming through the window now.

3. I’m grateful for windows in general, especially clean ones and the views they allow us to see. LINK

4. I’m grateful to the Crazy Bitch Society and Girlz With Curves for helping Amazing Women Rock reach 30,000 FB Likes before March 30.

5. I’m grateful my Mom can still sing and that she has such great fun doing it.

6. I’m grateful for the potential of a faster Internet connection.

7. I’m grateful I’m not bitter and twisted.

8. I’m grateful for Caroline, the earthbound angel who is helping me care for my Mom. I wouldn’t be able to do it without her.

9. I’m grateful for #PINK and the fact that I find it anywhere and everywhere.

10. I’m grateful for the Nissan Tiida I owned in Dubai, I was the PERFECT car for me and driving it brought me lots of joy (as well as a few speeding tickets – bad Susan, bad!)

11. I’m grateful for spring. And summer, fall and winter too.

12. I’m grateful for the life of Margaret Moth who lived fearlessly, and died two years ago yesterday and who will forever remain and inspiration to me.

13. I’m grateful for Manage Flitter, the unfollowing Twitter tool because it’s FREE and easy to use!

14. I’m grateful for doing the right thing, even though it’s the hardest thing ever.

15. I’m grateful for the diversity and beauty of birdsong particularly in the early mornings and late afternoons.

16. I’m grateful for the flitter of chicadee wings as they fly around the feeders. The sound perfectly describes the word. (Hmmmm. Flitter twice in one list – what a coincidence!)

17. I’m grateful for Pink Cloud: MusicArt the awesomely artful and funky video by Sam Sparro. The neonified face parts are amazing.

18. I’m grateful I can hear my Mom snoring in the other room. It’s one of the sounds of life.

19. I’m grateful that I’m 100% comfortable with being alone. In fact, I usually prefer it.

20. I’m grateful for the little “bong” of the clock in the kitchen chiming 08:00.

21. I’m grateful I woke up this morning.

22. I’m grateful for grapefruit, pumpernickel toast, honey and tea and for the fact that I’m going to having them all in about 15 minutes

23. I’m grateful for feather duvets because they’re light as a feather (duh!), and yet so warm.

24. I’m grateful I sleep naked (see 23 above).

25. I’m grateful for the tap, tap, tap of my fingers on my Mac keyboard.

26. I’m grateful that today’s going to be a good day.

27. I’m grateful that I will soon be finished editing Alicia’s book and that we are both so excited about it.

28. I’m grateful for the fun we had at Judy’s St Patrick’s Day party (see pic at the top of this post).

29. I’m grateful that I could create 10 more lists like this one and still not run out of things to write.

30. I’m grateful that by the time you read this, I may already have topped 30,000 “Likes” on the Amazing Women Rock Facebook page.

What are you grateful for today?