16 Surprises on a Morning Walk

IMG 3485I do something physical most days: spin on Pinkie Patti’s back in the morning while she’s still asleep, walk in the afternoon, or  swim in nearby Lake Memphremagog.

Sometimes Pinkie Patti and I play a few holes of golf in the late afternoon (amazingly, she still hits a good ball at 84, despite her Alzheimer’s).

Wherever I am, I see beauty everywhere in everything all the time. I’m grateful for that. Nowadays I’m having tons of fun capturing bits and pieces of delicious detail of that beauty with my iPhone (it comes with me wherever I go).

And honestly, I’m AMAZED with the results. I’ve taken hundreds of pictures of flowers over the course of the summer (seems I’m in a floral phase at the moment), some of which I’ve been using to accompany quotes for @SheQuotes. The iPhone camera works particularly well for close-ups in low-light conditions.

Also, if does some funky colour distortions I find very cool. Nothing looks quite like it appears in real life when captured with the phone. That weirdness is part of the fun of it for me: seeing the slightly alttered reality the phone delivers is kinda’ cool!

I’ve had two nighs R&R at my fave B&BLe Gîte La Marmotte in Eastman, Quebec, and captured these images during my morning walk yesterday (you never know what surprising and beautiful things you might find when you wander with your eyes wide open – enjoy!):