22 Pics of a Frosted Morning in Quebec

IMG 4457Autumn is such a beautiful season (just like winter, spring and summer!).

I love early mornings for their potential to bring out the best in me all day long, and I’ve discovered at least a half a dozen ways to make them even more special.

I relish the crisp early morning air of autumn, especially when Jack Frost has gently kissed everything in sight.

(Canadian summers have their own merits, as you can see from this I snapped this photographic mini-documentary of surprising stuff I found on a walk in August 2012 while staying at my favourite B&B Gîte La Marmotte, in Quebec’s Eastern Townships.)

Just as we did with this bouquet of 24 summer of 2012 flowers, and a rusty old railroad bridge, my iPhone 4 and I got up close and personal with some of the objects of Jack Frost’s affection in October 2012.

The result? The 22 beautiful images in the galleries below. Enjoy 🙂