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3 random reflections on male sexuality

Men and women are enigmas to each other.

Perhaps solving the “other” puzzle is part of what keeps heterosexuals endlessly fascinated with the opposite sex and coming back for more despite heartbreaking and often repeated losses in the game of love.

We relentlessly (and mostly fruitlessly) pursue a greater understanding of what makes each other tick, hoping we can somehow cause our own relationships to do so reliably, predictably and smoothly, like finely tuned Swiss watches.

Unfortunately, relationships rarely, if ever, run like clockwork. At least none I’ve ever been in has! They’re more like going fishing in a row boat, and ending up in the perfect storm.

But I digress.

The purpose of this post was to share three observations generated by correspondence with a  male friend, who wondered in an email “how we would have got along had we met back in the day when I was sexually insatiable but had cultivated a slow hand?”

His query caused me to reflect, and to reply (rather pointedly I’m afraid) thus: “I find it interesting that:

1) when a man finds a woman attractive, his thoughts invariably turn to bedding her,

2) when a man wants to bed a woman, he just assumes the desire is reciprocal, and

3) men (virtually without exception in my experience) think they are fabulously skilled in the art of lovemaking, when in fact the vast majority are simply super-lover legends in their own minds:

Sweeping generalisations to be sure, but ones upon which I’ve found myself shipwrecked while navigating the choppy seas of my own sexual experience.

Ah, the joys of sailing with the other sex…. 😉

Life Breaks My Heart

Life Breaks My Heart

3 random reflections on male sexuality

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