Re-Born AGAIN!!!

Just short of five years ago, I wrote my first-ever blog post. I was a blog virgin.

The “old” blog is part of my wildly successful website AmazingWomenRock.com. Okay, perhaps I’m exaggerating slightly, it’s more “mildly” than “wildly.”

Still, it does get about 20,000 unique visits a month, has an associated Facebook page with close to 40,000 fans, a Twitter account with about 15,000 followers and several other loosely linked accounts including a YouTube channel, as well as SheQuotes, FindingPINK and WhatLifeIs, which also all have their own Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Wow.  I didn’t realize how overwhelmed I was, until I listed all that stuff!

That’s a helluva’ lot of media just little ole’ me to handle. So why would I want to start YET ANOTHER BLOG!?!?

Imperfection is  easily masteredBesides being crazy, I want to test the WordPress waters as a less expensive option to having an even greater Internet presence than I already do.

AmazingWomenRock.com was developed using Joomla! It cost  a pretty penny to build and chews up a fair chunk of change in hosting and maintenance, all of which was fine when I was independently wealthy. Oh wait. I NEVER WAS independently wealthy. Oops. Anyway, having semiretired, and now having more time to write along with less money to spend, I thought  WordPress might be worth a try.

What else? Well, I want my subscribers to  receive my posts by email without me having to send them using iContact. I want to streamline my social media efforts, because I’m literally drowning in information ministration and administration. And I want to write about stuff beyond my usual rants on rape, feminism, gender parity, and the like.

While it may seem counterintuitive to add something in a streamlining process, I think I’m headed in the right direction. At least I’m headed in a direction. And a direction is better than NO direction. Usually. Sometimes. Occasionally. Definitely at least occasionally. Nah. That’s why random is the first word in the title of this blog. Being directionless is often extremely useful. Not always. But often.

Notwithstanding all of the above, here I am with yet another social media tool. I intend to use this one to share my thoughts on random stuff, with which my head is coincidentally filled these days.

Will it last five minutes? Five days, five weeks, five months, or five years? Or none of the above?

Who knows what the future holds? Not me.

So here we go again…


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