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New Roasted Honey Lemon Almonds

Go nuts. Repeat.I first posted this recipe here and then tweaked and revised it to make the almonds crunchier (which I prefer). If you like your almonds chewier, use the original version.

About 1 pound raw almonds
About one heaping tablespoon of creamed honey (or to taste)
Juice of one half of a small lemon (or to taste)
Ground “gourmet” salt to taste, or “fleur de sel” (or regular salt, or no salt at all)

Bake the almonds in a single single layer in a baking dish at 275°F until a yummy roasted almond smell fills your kitchen (about 40 minutes).

Remove almonds from oven and put in a large mixing bowl; allow to cool slightly.

Add one heaping tablespoon of creamed honey; toss with the almonds as it melts.

Let the almonds sit until they are cool and all stuck together (two – 24 hours).

Add the juice of one half lemon; toss again until the almonds are all unstuck.

Add your favorite freshly ground gourmet salt to taste (mine is pink Himalayan rock salt – to die for!) before serving.

Store in an airtight container, preferably glass.

Serving ideas

IMG_53891) For breakfast with a fresh fruit salad of diced cantaloupe, pink grapefruit and seedless green grapes. Accompany with Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice tea – the best herbal tea in the world bar none.

2) Chopped on vanilla ice cream, Or yogurt, or any kind of fruit salad.

3) With quarter sections of your favorite kind of Apple.

4) On their own!

Perhaps another day: dark chocolate covered and salted. Stay tuned…

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