Rosie Inspires Feminist Teen

Rosie the RiveterSometimes I despair that young women fail to realize how far women have come and at what cost.

So when my friend Mary Heston sent me a link to a video produced by her teenaged daughter Cecilia for a World War II school project, I said Yipppeee!

It’s important to support girls and young women as they find their voices and make them heard so they will continue to do so as adults.

Many women I know are afraid to speak up, speak out and take the stage. What a shame!

Cecilia Heston is finding her voice now.

She creates videos and is a teen advocate for using the internet to promote a positive change. She was the only teen at Google’s Youth & Technology Summit in NYC 2013 and was the social media teen at Wired Safety’s Wired Kids Summit in Washington DC 2012.

Here’s her Rosie the Riveter inspired WW II video:

Her first video award was a humanitarian award for her History Day video titled “The Chinese Must Go – the Chinese exclusion in Idaho.”

Cecilia has lived in Baltimore, the United Arab Emirates, and the Pacific Northwest. She loves giving voice to stories about strong women and unnoticed heroes that fight for humanitarian equality. She also loves all things pop culture and creating videos about her favorite stars and shows.

For More about Cecilia follow her on Twitter and subscribe to her YouTube channel.