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10 things i’m grateful for today 140908

#SheQuotes I am gratefulYesterday just after sunset the horizon was mix of black and blue, silhouetted trees, fading light and the promise of tomorrow.

Last night the moon shone through my window and kept me awake with its big fat fullness.

This morning the air was biting fresh and crisp as a chilled cucumber.

Now I see an azure sky dotted with a handful of puffy cumulus clouds.

It’s one of those days that makes you feel happy to be alive.

Today, I’m especially grateful for:

  1. The hummingbirds that continue to visit the feeder a few feet away from where I sit, and the memory of the amazing hummer feeding frenzy I witnessed in 2012 on Mom’s back deck.
  2. The waxwings I spotted in the cedar tree at the front yesterday.
  3. One birdie and several pars on the golf course yesterday. Yay me!
  4. Reconnecting with my friend Pammy on the phone and being the beneficiary of her sage counsel as well as her affirmative feedback.
  5. The full moon that shone through my window last night – Ahhhhooooo!
  6. The good sleep I had between 05:00 and 08:30 after not having slept from 02:00 and 05:00 (see full moon above)
  7. The prospect of autumn colours and sunsets of which I have a stunning view from my office/solarium; I captured the one above a few evenings ago.
  8. Alzheimer’s disease for the journey which has produced so much unconditional love, compassion and healing for me (among other things!)
  9. My brave Mom, her fierce love of life and her will to “keep going.
  10. The gift of being able to express and share the challenges and joys so many others also experience with this disease.





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