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Moon eclipse croppedA long-time friend is going through a rough patch.

She had some unique and extremely challenging obstacles to overcome this week.

“I’ll send you positive vibes,” I said when we talked¬†on Monday.

“Just look up,” she said. “And tell me what you see.”

So I did.

This poem is dedicated to her.


just look up

by punkie

tuesday at 10 p.m. i looked up,
and saw a brilliant full moon.

i took a deep breath of icy air;
said a silent prayer for you.

wednesday it snowed;
then it snowed some more.

wednesday night was cloudy;
the moon was slightly obscured.

funny thing about moons,
they persist with a hazy glow.

yesterday the sun shone
like there would be no tomorrow.

last night before the moonrise,
the frozen winter sky was ebony black.

it held billions of bright white stars
in the palm of its hand.

today is cold;
snow falls softly.

tonight I will look up,
and again think of you.


Copyright Susan Macaulay

February 6, 2015