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inspiration for underdogs: the story of david and goliath revisited


warrior woman


As an Aquarian, I often find myself on the leading edge of change.

I’m an early adopter. I see possibilities where others don’t; I have a never-ending stream of ideas. I sometimes find it hard to understand why others don’t see what to me is as plain as day.

After I graduated with a diploma in public relations in the mid 1980s (having gone back to college in my late twenties), I got a job as a junior PR person in one of western Canada’s largest advertising agencies.

We still worked with typewriters and artwork on boards. I went to the head of the agency and said I thought we should try the new Macintosh Classic computers by Apple.

He looked at me like I was mad. Computers? In an advertising agency? Pshaw!

“I recently bought a Macintosh Classic,” I told him. “Can I bring it to the office for my own use?”

He agreed; reluctantly.

The rest, as they say, is history.

I have vision. I am a creator, an innovator, a problem solver.

Ah. But being a change agent is not an easy row to hoe.

To move forward I must:

  1. Believe in myself
  2. Know that what is right is worth fighting for
  3. Not be intimidated by the powers that be
  4. Never give up, never give up, never give up
  5. Take careful aim using the tools and skills I know well

Here’s a story that gives me hope:


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