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Zinnia #4 (Solar Play) by Lemony shots


When I’m having one of those days, I find it helpful to be conscious about how lucky I am. This is one of those days, and here are ten among the many many things I’m grateful for.


1 ) I’m grateful for the hummingbirds hovering at the feeder a few feet away from where I sit.

2 ) I’m grateful for the vines that hang down from the eavestroughs and provide shade in my solarium office.

3 ) I’m grateful to Mary for bringing me gladioli from her garden yesterday, and for the gift of the wine glass that is an exact replica of the one I broke more than a year ago and have missed ever since.

4 ) I’m grateful to Sam for sharing his knowledge and expertise, and I’m grateful to all those who don’t give me unsolicited advice when I’m drowning.

5 ) I’m grateful for self-awareness, self-examination, and selflessness.

6 ) I’m grateful for the cleansing power of tears, and being able to shed them in both joy and sorrow.

7 ) I’m grateful for being able to walk, especially down by the river in the early morning when the rising sun kisses the fog goodbye.

8 ) I’m grateful for doors and windows, and the light breezes that blow through them on hot days to caress my skin and keep me cool.

9 ) I’m grateful for words and poetry and prose, and I’m grateful that I can use them to write my way through challenges, defeats and victories.

10 ) I am grateful to Lemony for her stunning shots, and for giving me permission to use the one above called Zinnia #4 (Solar Play) to crown this piece.


What are you grateful for today?


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