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ptsd: a poem written in 2017 that still applies in 2020



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© 2017 punkie


i cry as the sun sets
i weep at its rise
the least little thing
brings tears to my eyes

the floods and the famines
the rapes and the wars
drugs, death and destruction
that break down our doors

the poor and the tortured
sail boats in rough seas
the old and infirm
fall down on their knees

the sailors soon drown
in their thousands un-rescued
the diseased and disabled
suffer the likes of Ceausescu

the past and the present
the future’s black li/v/es
heaven and hell
all bring tears to my eyes

a kitten, a mitten,
a bird on the wing
your face, all this space,
how we used to sing

the wrongs I have seen
i want to forget
how can i? who would?
so much blood has been let

everything, always,
brings tears to my eyes
please set me on fire,
i just want to die

my body’s split open
my insides exposed
push the right button
and watch me explode

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everything’s gonna be alright…eventually


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