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Someone who is high on the narcissism spectrum may feel so small and damaged inside that they build a protective self to feel safe. But a narcissistic protective self behaves in ways that are destructive to others and makes it hard for the person who is high on the narcissism spectrum to connect with people in healthy ways and to have meaningful relationships.

This poem is about one aspect of what it felt like for me to try to build a meaningful intimate relationship with a person who is high on the narcissism spectrum.


©2020 pookie


you never stood
before my eyes
the naked truth
without disguise

no charm, no wit
no sexy smile,
no clever lies
quick to beguile

how could I know
the other you,
the one beneath
a thousand clues?

you slept between
my sheets at night,
then hid again
in broad daylight

you didn’t dare
to hold my hand;
no, you preferred
a marching band

now, only time
and fallen leaves
will heal my wounds
and set me free


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