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i may have a problem…


Get up at 8. Check the weather on laptop. Forecast: clear until noon; rain for the rest of the day. Maybe I can get a ride in before the rain. Wash face. Get dressed. Feed the cat. Gear up. Check Fox’s tire pressure and vital signs. All good. Start west. Tiny patches of blue up Wolf Grove Road. Woo hoo! Head to Calabogie. Practice focusing on the horizon per recently watched moto video. Stop at Bogie General Store. Chat briefly with half dozen riders from Waterloo. They’re headed to Orillia. Taking a short cut apparently. Check the weather on phone. Still good. Up Devine Street to Whelan Road. Turn left toward Griffith. Stop in Griffith for gas. Check the weather by looking up. Take pic. Send it to rider friend with caption ‘It’s SUNNY in Griffith!’ Back to Calabogie via Centennial Lake road. Stop (again) at Bogie General Store. It’s not raining. Yet. I feel a bit peckish. Luckily, I have emergency almonds in the right saddlebag. Oh look, there’s also half a bottle of Gatorade. Yay. I can probably make it home via Perth without getting wet. Back on 511. Nice ride to Perth. Tennyson is longer but prettier than the 7. Tennyson it is. Could turn left at Blacks Corners and head home. Turn right instead and then left at Franktown to test the newly resurfaced Derry Side Road. Hmmm. It’s spitting a little. But I’m on the homestretch. Drizzle off and on until Almonte where ground is dry but skies are BLACK like they were yesterday. Phew! Beat the rain. It’s 3 pm. Put TheFox in the garage. Have breakfast. Feed the cat. Heavens open. Deluge. Putter around. All of a sudden, I am super tired. Time to take a nap. Sleep like the dead for an hour and a half. Wake up. Oh look. It’s sunny again. I could wash TheFox. I do. Wash her. Finish at 7. Best to air-dry your bike by riding her after washing. That’s what the experts say. There’s time before it gets dark. To air-dry her I mean. Gear up. It looks sketchy toward White Lake (been there!). Head toward Arnprior instead. Turn right on Upper Dwyer Hill Road. Nice farmland up there. Great views. Take pics. Can’t decide if motorcycle or sunset is more beautiful. Need to get going before it gets too dark. Stop at Ultramar at dusk to refuel. Pull into the driveway just as it’s getting challenging for me to see properly. Put TheFox to sleep. Have some cheese and crackers. Feed the cat. Check laptop for tomorrow’s weather forecast. SUNNY! OMG. Can’t wait.

Uh oh 😛


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