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kudos galore for incredible cast & crew


The overwhelming positive response to Fern Martin’s Spinning Yarns: The Millworkers’ Musical made it a smash hit in Mississippi Mills.

In fact, there was so much enthusiastic feedback on social media that it was difficult for me, as the show’s publicist, to capture all the wonderful comments.

This is a sampling of the kinds of things people said on Facebook:

  1. Bravo all of you in the cast, crew, production teams, opening night was great. I really really enjoyed the performances and story telling xo ~ JM
  2. It was wonderful!! Such a beautiful energy in that beautiful hall  ~ WO
  3. It was fabulous! ~ KS
  4. Loved this musical!!! ~ RR
  5. Congratulations to everyone involved in the show—creators, cast, crew, ushers, family support, etc, the show was fabulous. Thank YOU! ~ MB
  6. We saw the last performance. It was fabulous! A trip down memory lane in song and dance ! Bravo!! ~ GW
  7. The cast and crew of Spinning Yarns blew us away with this beautiful, generous, creative, stirring, funny, informative and all-round slick production. We expected to have a fun afternoon cheering on our dear friend as he bravely bonded with his new small town community. We had no idea we were in for a wise, warm and flawlessly executed piece of history-in-the-making. I have no doubt this crackerjack new musical will be carried into the future by generations of courageous and creative Almontonians to come, shaping the community as it goes. Bravo!!!!!! ~ AR
  8. Great story. Fantastic, enthusiastic performance. It was a fun night! Well done cast and crew. ~ CP
  9. Great show last night!!! A brilliant Historical &, musical account of our amazing Almonte. ~ CM
  10. Great performances by all! We really enjoyed it!  ~ CBG
  11. Really great show. ~ GS
  12. Went Friday night. Great show. No slow parts. Looked like a lot of fun, and I actually learned a few things. Kudos to Fern and the entire cast and crew. ~ LJ
  13. A fantastic production that brought smiles and laughter to all. And I learned a lot too. Congrats to all of you for the hard work – it was amazing!! ~ JK
  14. The girls [Fern & Willow Marwood] were amazing. Was sitting nearby so not only heard but saw them close up! Talented! ~ EM
  15. Tonight we went to see a fun performance at Old Town Hall. We went in with no expectations and walked out smiling from ear to ear. We moved to Almonte in 2020 so being able to learn about the history of Almonte and the significance of the mills and textile museum through song, dance and plenty of humour was actually fantastic. Bravo to the cast, crew and everyone else involved in this awesome production. Your hard work did not got unnoticed ~ DC
  16. Kudos to all of the very talented performers and the crew . We attended Sunday’s matinee and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. It was wonderful to learn about the history of our new hometown. Thank you Fern Martin! ~ J M-S
  17. Fabulous performance deserving of a standing ovation. ~ SK
  18.  I was there last night. What a fantastic show! A perfect bicentennial project. ~ AP
  19. Amazing performance by all! Congratulations on a wonderful play to cast and crew. ~ JC
  20. Happy to continue getting updates. A wonderful production. Much to be proud of! ~ PH

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the show and special thanks to those who wrote comments and shared their experience with others. You made everything even more meaningful for all the volunteers who worked hard to bring to life Fern Martin’s story of the legacy of the millworkers and the mill owners on stage and in our hearts.


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the magic of matinees for seniors and juniors


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