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a fish out of water

doodle by andrea ross


When I saw this doodle called ‘possibilities’ by my new friend Andrea Ross, words leaped out of my brain like a fish jumping out of a bowl.

And what do you know? Those words splashed down right in the middle of my keyboard!

This is the result:

a fish out of water

by susan © 2024

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i’m a fish out of water
my heart’s full of glee
i grin ear to ear
it’s a joy to be free!

i jump up and beyond
to the place i belong
in the air, where i dare
put words to my song

i escaped from inside
of a bowl, looking out
and my fins became wings
i can soar, there’s no doubt

eyes wide as saucers
scales poised to embrace
i leave the bubble behind
and look fear in the face

if it doesn’t seem normal
to see fishes in flight,
change the frame, think again,
watch me fly like a kite!


Thanks  for sharing your doodles, Andrea Ross<3


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