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when yesterday’s laundry becomes today’s poetry

June 10, 2019: There’s a bush of bleeding hearts under the clothesline I strung up last summer between two trees in the backyard. By the time I moved in to my new place on the first of July last year (2018), all the flowers were already gone, and I had no idea what kind of plant it was. To me it was an unremarkable (if not ugly) bush of no consequence that would interfere with my laundry. So I got out my pruning shears and cut it down to the ground, and that was that.

Lo and behold this spring it sprang back to life. The first time I hung out laundry a few weeks ago, I thought: hmmmmm, I don’t remember that bush getting in the way before…, and then I recalled what I had done so it wouldn’t get tangled up in pants, pillowcases and the like. I hadn’t realized it was actually a small thing of great beauty that produced delicate pink and white flowers known as bleeding hearts (see below). Fancy that!

Yesterday, I took a pic of the laundry (more here), and the bush (see above), thinking I would post it on my FB page. But today, a poem emerged — bang! —  as they sometimes do. Initially, the two closing lines (as opposed to clothing lines :P) were different, but otherwise it was born pretty much whole.

Then, when I started to write a few lines to introduce the poem, the story of the bleeding heart bush, which had been dancing in the back of my mind since I saw the fragile flowers, found its way onto the page.

Life sure is something <3


between the sheets

© 2019 punkie


between the sheets

bleeding hearts
and bed sheets
on a sunny day
moving softly
to and fro
in early morning play



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